PROJECT 185 is our annual speaking plan to speak in 185 churches, conferences, etc., and is one of our primary ways of supporting our research, writings, and travel.  As a direct descendant of a Western Buffalo Soldier (Jefferson Goldsmith), and of General Robert E. Lee, our founder also speaks to school, corporations, clubs, and other venues on the history of the Buffalo Soldiers, re-enacting one of two characters: Trooper Ed, or Seminole Joe.  Our founder is primarily African American, with genealogy tied to Native American, Hispanic American, and Anglo American.  His grandchildren tie him to Asian American, Anglo American, and Hispanic American heritage.  He has been helping solve community and racial issues since the 1970s, following the ministry path of his late mother (Cassie M. McCain); his maternal grandfather (Elder Leverious W. Roland); and his great-grandfather (Pastor Jerry Roland).  Your support will also allow him to give away much needed reading material written by Christian African Americans and others attuned to the needs of African Americans.  Join our monthly AAC Book Club with a gift of $20 or more, and you will receive a different book that will help bridge the understanding between Anglo Americans and African Americans.

YOU can also help by ordering "Fire in Their Eyes," the first Christian novel written by Ed Udell, Sr., in a collection of 14 books under development.  Be one of the first to have a coffee table, hardback version for only $39.95.  You can read more about the book at:, but consider a direct purchase from the author!