Your desire to be able to converse with someone with over 40 years of experience with dealing with the two major racial adversaries in America (Anglo American, and African American), and get honest answers and solutions is here!  The founder is the son of a woman who has spent over 86 years helping others through/with her father understand personal, community, racial, and religious issues.  He is also the grandson of the man who began this journey of helping back in the 1920s after learning helping skills from his father.

Can't we ALL just get along?  Yes, but we have to know why we haven't been getting along before!

This work is especially for Christians who claim that there is no division in the Body of Christ, but do little to relieve the division among some of the ethnic groups!

Although there have been cloudy skies in our attempts to resolve age-old racial issues in America, the Son is STILL trying to shine through!